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Preventing Syphilis

The best ways to prevent syphilis include:

  • Using:
    • Condoms
    • Dams (thin latex barrier placed between mouth and genitals) and
    • Internal condoms
  • using ample water-based lubricant to prevent condom breakage
  • avoiding sex with someone who has a visible ulcer or sore on their genitals, bum or mouth
  • having regular sexual health check-ups (every three months)
  • monitoring your body for any changes or appearances of sores
  • undertaking treatment if you’ve been diagnosed with syphilis.


Prevent syphilis condom

The use of condoms with water-based lube or dams is the most effective way to prevent syphilis and other STIs. Condoms, dams (thin latex barrier placed between mouth and genitals) and internal condoms can be ordered for free by clicking this link.

Did you know you can still contract an STI even if you’re using condoms? 

This is because a condom can only protect the area it covers, and sometimes sores may still be exposed. 

For this reason, it’s best to test regularly to prevent syphilis.

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